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08:30z - 10:30z CTR
LFGA_TWR18:00z - 20:00z S3
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LFQQ_APP18:00z - 20:00z S3
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French vACC is part of VATEUD (european organisation) itself part of VATSIM. Our purpose is to provide all services you need to make your flight easier. Charts, Information, Frequencies, ... For those who wish to become a Visiting controler, you can see just under the prerequisite how to do it. There is a TeamSpeak service (TS3) available at any time of day. You will always find people ready to help you for your flights from 20:00 to 23:00 french local time and often later. Don't hesitate to meet us, it will be a pleasure to tchat with you in english for most of us :)

  Upcoming events
17/06 19:00
Preparation group flight concorde
19/06 18:30
Pilot Training
21/06 19:00
22/06 12:30
PJS Group Flight
25/06 19:00
01/07 00:00
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  Carte Anglais
French Charts
Published on August 23th 2010 by Loïc LEBAIN Modified on May 9th 2014 by Pierre FERRAN
Aeronautical Information Service

We have our own chart display system with some more vatsim specific informations, this system can be found here:
VATFrance Pilot briefing

Those charts are taken from the official french AIP named the SIA (Service de l'Information Aéronautique: Aeronautical Information Service).
These official publications are free of access to everyone, and of course, are up to date.

You can access them here : Aeronautical Information Service

Have a good flight !

  Preparation group flight concorde


  Pilot Training



  PJS Group Flight


  Shuttle LFPG LFST


  Picture contest